10 Books To Instill Love for Animals

Those who teach us everything, show what is good, what is right, who are always our friends .. The very precious people instill everything that is beautiful for us, including love for animals. We know you are curious about these books.

1. Hachiko – Leslea Newman

About 100 years ago, a friendship began between a dog and a professor, which would later affect the whole world. But these friends had to leave soon after the death of the professor. So can you tell a dog what death is? Of course no. This is why Hachiko waited for his closest friend for about 10 years. Every day, at the same time and in the same place.
Dogs have been man’s most loyal friends for centuries. However, some friendships have left traces so great that they can be the subject of movies and books.

The story of Hachiko, whose statue has been erected at the train station, whose owner has been waiting patiently for years, is one that will warm all hearts regardless of young or old. Hachiko taught us to never give up. It taught us loyalty and devotion. He taught hope and faith. He taught patience and responsibility. But above all, Hachiko taught us the true meaning of friendship and never forget our Loved Ones. Thanks, Hachiko.

2. Bremen Town Musicians – The Brothers Grimm

Another legendary tale from the Brothers Grimm that has deeply affected children with their tales since the 19th century: The Bremen Town Musicians …
Yapı Kredi Publications had previously published Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales named The Wolf and the Seven Goat Cubs and Rapunzel with new prints with pictures. Now, there is another legendary tale: The Bremen Town Musicians …

Translation of Kâmuran Şipal with the paintings of Seçil Çokan …
What if animals that are mistreated by their owners hit the road to save their lives and their paths cross? The unforgettable tale of the Brothers Grimm “The Bremen Town Musicians” tells how their lives changed when they joined forces of a donkey, dog, cat and rooster who were crushed, beaten, humiliated.

3. Moby Dick – Herman Melville

Moby Dick tells about the last voyage of a whaling ship named “Pequod”, how the whales were hunted and how the ship sinks at the end, at first glance, it may be thought of as an adventure novel set in the seas. Those who do not sense this depth, this real meaning, may well still enjoy Moby Dick as a thrilling tale about whaling.

4. Tales All Aesop’s Tales – Aisopos

The heroes are made up of animals in all their fables written by the ancient Greek storyteller Aisopos (Aesop). For this reason, Aesop tales that will instill love for animals and bring warm feelings to your heart are included in the Classics Series of Hasan Ali Yücel. It must be included in the library of every adult and every child.

5. Love is Pure – Jack London

Jack London’s early novels and stories are about the adventurous romantic lives of heroes with self-sacrifice and strong will to live in harsh natural conditions or a ruthless social environment. Inspired by his own gold prospecting days, he tells the nature of Alaska, the resistance and defeat of the Indians against the white invaders, and the stories of people and animals fighting to survive in the semi-illegal conditions of the period. Sea and sea passion are also among the main themes of his works of this period.

The Pure of Love, in a breathtaking fashion, describes the natural development of the love of two creatures, a dog and a sailor, who live under the cruel conditions of nature and sea passion, which has become an increasing passion for each other. Jack London U.S.A. In his literature, he continued the progressive democratic traditions of Mark Twain and Walt Whitman. First of all, he formed his world-view around the events he experienced and saw in his youth, and reached a socialist worldview intellectually. With the books he wrote in a direct and undisguised style, the U.S. It influenced the socialist trend of literature in the first half of the 20th century, leading writers such as Dos Passos, Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis, Hemingway, and John Steinbeck.

6. Animal Liberation – Peter Singer

XIX. Did you know that countless animals were subjected to heat in many experiments that have been repeated since the last century, and no information could be obtained except that animals suffered from heat and died as a result of these experiments? Every year, millions of animals around the world are heated, frozen, poisoned, starved, disintegrated, depressed, and mentally ill in similar experiments without any expectation of any tangible benefit.

About 50 billion animals are killed every year for their meat. Most of them are raised using “industrial animal husbandry” techniques, suffering every second of their lives and sometimes being killed without ever seeing sunlight or landing on the ground. Millions of vegetarians around the world are making the claim that this is a must less and less convincing. In the “sport” hunting, fur industry, or entertainment industry, there is no need to give any justification to inflict pain on animals. We always talk about concepts such as morality, justice and equality, but when it comes to animals, we suddenly switch to a completely different understanding of morality. The summary of this understanding is that the strong is right, and we can treat a creature that does not have the power to defend itself as we please.

7. To Think and Act Like a Cat – Staphane Garnier

“Cats have always fascinated us. If we observe and try to understand them, we see something magical in their strength, attitude, characteristics, habits, little madness, that is, their ability to live in peace and be happy.

“I would like to go back to my twenties with today’s mind …” Who knows how many of us have said this to themselves. While we only gain a little wisdom over time, cats without schools, books, and thinkers have a kind of innate wisdom, even though they do not live very long without being confined to any frame, without reference to any reference, and they do not have much experience. This is a wisdom that we can only scratch through a few bits at the expense of many inquiries, attempts, changes, contemplation and introspection. However, after the age of sixty, the road to be overcome in order to reach the position of watching the horizon with a smile and peace of mind on our lips one day, like him, is quite bumpy and also difficult. He knows how to do this almost from birth.

On their occasion, we can approach their performance, even partially, gain a different perspective, see the world from a different perspective, and at the same time reach a different and more developed understanding of ourselves.

8. Let’s Awaken the Sun – Jose Mauro De Vasconcelos

Zezé, the cute little hero of Sugar Orange, is here again. The inside of his eyes are again sparkling, his heart is again full of love. However, growing up brought him new sorrows. What’s more, there are no small sugar orange saplings anymore. Zezé was adopted by a wealthy and strict family. Thanks to this, he got much better financial opportunities than his siblings, but remained away from their loved ones. He has a few friends who help him deal with lovelessness: Dadada, their cook at home, Fayolle, one of his teachers at school, a frog who enters his heart and encourages him whenever he needs it, and Maurice Chevalier, the famous French singer whom he sees in a movie and replaces his real father. Zezé is a brilliant student. It is now in adolescence; he is nervous, he is cranky. Moreover, he is drenched in love.

t’s not the end of Zezé’s adventures, let’s Awake the Sun, the sequel to Sugar Orange. He will appear once again in Delifişek as a boy.

9. Momo – Michael Ende

Time is life itself. And the place of life is heart.
Momo is a little girl who lives in the theater ruins of a big city. He has nothing but what he finds or gifts. But he has an extraordinary talent: Momo is a great listener and he has plenty of time for it.

10. White Fang – Jack London

Jack London’s second novel, White Fang, is about life in the Land of the Desolation, the wild, icy Northern Territories.

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