About Cat Dog Vaccines

The vaccine is primarily administered to healthy cats or dogs.

Vaccination is applied to protect our little friends against certain important and potentially fatal diseases. Since your little friend, who was vaccinated, encountered the disease factor before, it will have formed a defense mechanism against the agent of this disease. Either he will overcome that disease without even showing any signs of the disease, or he will get rid of the disease again with minor symptoms.

In other words, it will strengthen the immune system by stimulating it.

It is necessary to talk to your veterinarian about the vaccinations to be your dear friend, according to the age, environment and health of your cat or dog.


  • Pregnant cats and dogs are not vaccinated. You need to let your veterinarian know if he is pregnant or mated.
  • Children who suck breast milk should not be vaccinated. There are antibodies in breast milk to protect the offspring, therefore it reduces the strength of the vaccine.

You should be careful that our young friends do not come into contact with their feces through cats on the street or through your shoes, without fully providing their immunity.

Remember that even if the vaccinations are completed, 100% protection cannot be achieved.

  • No vaccine is administered to a sick cat or dog. For this reason, if there is an abnormal situation in your friends, you should tell the veterinarian (fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc.)
  • If you plan to breed your dear friend, you need to make sure that both the cat or dog they will mate with and your friend have their vaccinations.


Keep away from stressful factors for your little friend. If possible, have him rest. The first hours after vaccination are very important to observe the side effects of the vaccine.

When the vaccine is administered;

  • weakness
  • loss of appetite,
  • there will be some fever.

Because an antigen is given to the body. It is normal to observe a short-term fever and weakness because the antibodies in the body protect against the antigen given from the outside.

If your little friend has unusual developments or allergies, contact your veterinarian immediately. (It is possible that they develop a reaction against the vaccine, even if it is very small.)

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