About the Buttoned Pig

The world is a much larger place than we think. And many creatures live in this place. The buttoned pig is one of them and it is a very interesting animal. Now let’s examine the buttoned pig together. Our ancestors did not say, “Even if you know a thousand, you will consult a Scientific Bear” for nothing.

The common name of the species with the scientific name “Phacochoerus” from the Porcine family is the buttoned pig. These animals were called buttoned pigs because the male members of this species had a pair of button-like projections near their eyes.

Buttoned pig species live widely in Africa. One of the buttoned pig species, the buttoned African pig protects itself from threats from its enemies with curved canine teeth that extend upward and protrude from the lower jaw.

The teeth that come out of the upper jaw curl up a little later and then grow inward in a semicircle. Although the starting point of both teeth is different, their functions are the same. These teeth can reach up to 60 centimeters long. These canines exist in both genders and are a defense mechanism for these pigs.

The best known of the button pigs is this type of African button pig. The average weight of buttoned pigs is 100 kilograms and their height from shoulder to floor is 1 meter. These animals have sparsely hairy manes that extend from the neck to the middle of the back, and their tails that stand up while running.

These animals, which have only plants in their menu, live collectively. They go back into their home, in case of any threat. Thus, they are not caught unawares and can attack their opponents with their teeth.

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