Amazing Facts About Bees You Never Knew

We will draw attention to the importance of bees, which play the most important role in the survival of these magnificent creatures from pollen collection to honey production, and explain the features we have never known before.

The Hardest-Working Animal: Bees

The thickness of the walls of the cells in the comb is less than 1 in 10 of a millimeter; but despite this, it can carry a load of honey hundreds of times its own weight.

During The Life of a Bee …

according to researches; stated that a bee produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.

Ventilation System

Stating that the biologists of New York State University, in their studies on bees, observed that hundreds of bees stop at the entrance of the hive, inside and outside of the hive and provide air circulation; Bees; He stated that by flapping their wings, they made the dirty air come out, and when they stopped flapping, they made the fresh air come in.

They Have a Pin-Sized Stomach!

According to researches; He said that the stomach of a honey bee was the size of a pinhead and that the bee had to fill and empty its stomach 60 times to collect a thimble of honey.

Bees To Produce Honey …

In order for bees to make half a kilo of honey, they must visit 2 million flowers and travel 88 thousand km.

The Surprising Fluttering Of tTe Bees

When a bee approaches you, the sound you hear is the sound of its wings beating 11,400 times a minute. As a result of researches, it has been observed that bees can buzz even when their wings break off. This is because the buzzing bees emit comes from their breasts.

Internal And External Health Benefits of Honey

During the First World War, honey was used to heal soldiers’ wounds. Because honey has a healing effect and never spoils. This is one of the effective methods still used today.

Bees, Symbol Of Labor

Honey bees suck the nectar of about 100 million flowers in order to fill one honeycomb in the hive. During this time, they will be flapping approximately 90 to 100,000 km.

Only Female Bees Stick Their Needles!

Because only female bees have needles. But when the bees pass their sting, they die

Electrical Orientation Abilities Of Bees

Honey bees cover the flower with an electrical field in order to prevent other bees from coming to the flower whose pollen has been collected. Other bees, who see and perceive these traces thanks to the electro receptors in their bodies, do not stop by these flowers, they gain time and energy.

They Have Their Own Unique Fragrances

Each hive has a chemical substance secreted by the queen bee and this substance is recognized by all bees in the hive. All bees in the hive take this substance from the queen and have the same scent as the queen. Thanks to this substance, all individuals in the same colony can easily recognize each other and they throw out or kill any foreign bee that enters the hive.

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