Most Useful Aquarium Equipment

Aquariums are fish habitats located in the most beautiful corners of the houses and giving their beauty to these corners.


What is an Aquarium Heater? Things To Pay Attention

For many goldfish, heating is a necessity rather than an option. Most fish living in both saltwater and freshwater need


Guppy Production

Unlike other fish species, guppies do not reproduce from eggs, instead they are born alive. Guppies breed fairly freely and


How to Clean An Aquarium?

What should you do if algae have accumulated in your aquarium and it looks rather dirty? Should you empty it


Betta Fish – Care And Nutrition

Betta fish, which are eye-catching creatures of aquariums with their showy tail and fins, are also an indication that nothing


Aquarium Engines – What You Need to Know About Aquarium Engines

Aquariums, which are the homes of our fish, whose living areas are mostly created by ourselves, can provide them with


10 Interesting Facts About Sharks

Contents1 Sharks that can live in oceans and even in fresh waters with their sharp teeth and beautiful appearance have


Vegetables That Can Be Given To Fish

Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and healthy ingredients that are extremely beneficial to the human body. Therefore, we