Betta Fish – Care And Nutrition

Betta fish, which are eye-catching creatures of aquariums with their showy tail and fins, are also an indication that nothing is as it seems. Unexpectedly for a highly aesthetic fish, male Betta fish can act like a deadly machine due to their aggressive nature.
Betta fish, native to South East Asian countries and most commonly seen in Thai rice fields, are extremely resistant fish that can adapt to extreme temperatures and arid climates in their natural environment. Since they can breathe with both their gills and mouths even in shallow waters, they can survive for a long time even in environments where most fish cannot live.
However, considering that Betta fish can be wild, aggressive and deadly against each other, it is not possible to find a very different solution.
The fact that they have the ability to survive in difficult conditions does not show that it is correct to feed them in small lanterns. Because these fish want a living space where they can find a large and comfortable movement area like all other fish.

Suitable Aquarium Conditions For Betta Fish

Since betta fish can breathe from the surface with both their gills and mouths, they do not need an additional air motor in your aquarium. However, it is of great importance to change their water regularly so that they can get healthy oxygen. For these fish that like warm waters, the temperature of your aquarium should not fall below 20.5 degrees. Because below these temperatures are very dangerous for your Betta fish. The appropriate pH value for betta fish should be between 7 and 7.5.
Planted aquariums can be an indispensable habitat for them. Especially resting on the big leaves is one of the activities they enjoy.

Gender Of Betta Fish

Bettas are another fish species in which gender discrimination is very easy. The tail and fins of males are much larger and more attractive. Females, on the other hand, have much shorter and dull-colored fins and tail.
When you place a mirror next to an aquarium where male Betta fish live, we can guarantee that the fish will make a very impressive show in the aquarium by swelling their whole body and fins. Because male bettas will perceive their reflections in the mirror as another man and show him strength.

How To Feed Betta Fish?

Betta viewers are omnivorous creatures. Although they generally use these preferences for meat, they also need herbal foods from time to time. The best food for Betta fish, which are fed almost all over the world, are water fleas. You can also use fish feeds that you can buy from domestic markets instead of live baits. In addition to ready-made feed, boiled vegetable pieces can be given several times a month.

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