Concerns About Animal Ownership

Adopting animals, being a new home and family for disabled cats and dogs living on the street in need of care and assistance; It is one of the greatest favors you will do in your life. It is also a great responsibility you will take. We hear the phrase “I want to adopt an animal” from many people, but again many of us either do not dare to do so or make the mistake of distinguishing between species and sex. As you know, cats and dogs of the breed are brought to our country to be sold abroad. These beings, which are not brought in good conditions, are desperately waiting to be purchased in a glass cage in pet-shop shops.

Many breeds, which are also difficult to adapt to our country, suffer some diseases after they are purchased, and this situation causes both them and their owners to be tormented. For these reasons, adopting animals, helping what is, and saving them from the dangers of the streets is always a higher and better goal. If you too want to adopt the animal but do not know what awaits you and are curious, you can read the rest of our article. In addition, the list of products you need to buy for the animals you own is waiting for you in the rest of our article.

Animal Adoption Stages

The first important thing about pet adoption is deciding if you really want to live with a cat or dog. As someone who takes care of dozens of stray animals and nests them, I have to say that there are too many unstable candidates for cat and dog ownership, and unfortunately this is “I will leave it behind if I don’t give it a try.” It is not an event we can say. Because cats and dogs are not returnable products. Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a pet, the first step is to find a cat or dog in need of care. Color, type, feathers etc. You should review more vital criteria such as whether the cat or dog has a mother, is it an orphan, is it sick, how needy it is, is the place where it lives, very dangerous. You can be a mother or a father, a family, whichever is most waiting to be saved.

After adopting a cat or dog, your first job should be to take it to a veterinary clinic you trust. You can get information about his general health status, if he has a condition that requires intervention, if you have an adult cat and you can learn from the person who adopted the vaccine history, you can start the vaccination report and have the necessary first vaccinations. Regular checks of your pet friends will provide him and you with a lifetime of comfort and protect him from many diseases.

When you adopt a cat or dog, if this is your first veterinarian experience, that shouldn’t scare you when the required vaccinations are counted. In fact, regular vaccinations, which are not too burdensome and will be given at regular intervals, are not a costly situation considering yearly basis, and make sure that they are healthy and happy it is worth it.

About Cat Adoption

If the cat you will adopt is a newborn or 10-30 days old baby and there is no mother, you can start being a mother and family. The cat products required for the home care of the kitten are:

    • Cat follow-up milk for kittens who are too young to eat wet and dry food
    • Kitten / dog bottle
    • Hot water bag to keep body temperature at normal level continuously
    • If his teeth are out and he can use his tongue
    • Cat litter
    • Litter box
    • Sand cleaning shovel
    • Cat food
    • Food and water containers
    • Reward foods

You can also buy cat toys, cat cushion and scratching products for your cats that will grow up as they grow up and play games. After meeting their basic needs, all that is left to you and him is to have fun. Give him time to get used to the home, things, smells; You have to put food and water containers and sands at a certain point and make them learn where they are.

About Dog Adoption

Dog adoption is as beautiful, important and responsible as adopting a cat. Dog care requires a little more effort than the cat, so it should be decided carefully. You need to calculate how much free time you have during a day. If you are working, you should be able to adjust your daily schedule by taking him around to breathe at least twice a day and take the toilet. If you believe you can do this, you should embrace this friend. 95% of the cats are born with sand training instinctively, and after you teach the location of their sand, they go spontaneously and do it there. We do not have the option of using sand at home for dogs, so you should take it out twice a day, if possible in the morning and evening, or according to the standards of the toilet hours that will occur over time, and circulate it for half an hour to an hour.

Dog products you will buy at home after adopting a dog are:

  • Food and water containers
  • Dog cushion
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog food
  • Reward foods for their education
  • Various dog toys

After a few days of patience, your cat or dog will adopt the house. If you can prevent him from entering the areas you do not want from the first days, he will make it a habit. You can cover your furniture or belongings that you think might damage them with something, and you can put your potted flowers in areas where they cannot reach. If you know and apply these precautions before adopting a cat / dog, you will eliminate unwanted situations that may occur when you take our little friend home. Because in many of my pet adoption experiences I have seen; Many people unfortunately because of some situations that they cannot foresee, “It is not at home with a cat / dog. It is very difficult, such an incident has happened… ”They throw the cats back into the street, remember that this is the worst thing you will do to them.

About Animal Adoption

The first point to be considered in adopting a pet is to be able to stay in constant contact with the person who wants to realize the adoption. It is important to master the animal rights issue. Finding people or families who have serious intentions and can take responsibility is very important for the future of the animal you will adopt. The best way to protect him is the “animal adoption contract”. This contract, which you can download from any animal rights website, whether you know it or not, will provide full protection for the pet you adopt. Breed, age, photograph of the cat or dog;

The address and identity information of the owner, address and identity information of the owner will be written; It is a contract that includes many articles such as getting regular information from the person who will adopt the cat or dog and signed by the parties and will have a sanction in case of a negative situation. You can be more sure that you get this signed and it will do well when you nest an animal.

Finally, my advice to people who want to adopt a cat or dog is to return the cat or dog you have adopted to the adopter person, even if there is an unexpected or negative situation. It would be a great injustice for him to leave it in a region you do not know and whose fate you cannot follow.

Remember, the important thing in adopting an animal is not the type, appearance and colors of your little friend, but the unconditional love that you will give him to you.

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