Fish Type Recommendations For Aquarium Beginners

Every person who intends to set his heart on the aquarium hobby needs advice on the types of fish to feed. The most frequently asked question in online environments for those interested in hobby is species recommendation or what type of fish should I feed. In the hobby you will start as an amateur, choosing delicate fish may result in fish deaths. Frustrated at the beginning of the hobby, most people not only cool off from the hobby, but conscientiously turn away from it. In this article, we will discuss types that are easy to maintain but also resistant to water conditions in order to find an answer to the question of “which type” in terms of species recommendation for beginners.

Japanese Fish

Goldfish is one of the most popular fish in the hobby, which belongs to the carp family. Apart from the classical species of goldfish, there are many varieties that continue with telescope, ranchu, tulle tail, pearl scale, balloon eye, shubunkin, celestial and comet species. The varieties produced have different colors and appearances. The different looks offer us various options. The thing to know about the selection of varieties is that although their appearance is different, their behavioral patterns and eating habits are the same.

The information that their life span is short on goldfish is among the mistakes known to be true. They can live for more than 20 years if they are well cared for in captivity.They can be fed alone in the aquarium, or they can be kept in community aquariums with species that will not prey or harm them. However, our advice to you would be to feed them as one species.

Although the tank temperature should be in the range of 24 – 26 ° C, it is also possible to look at room temperatures that are not too cold in winter.

A good filtration system should be established by providing internal or external filter equipment according to the size of the aquarium. Quality dry Japanese food should be preferred for their nutrition. Goldfish are born without a stomach in their anatomy and have an esophagus that functions as a stomach. Since they do not have an absolute stomach, they tend to eat insatiably. Fish deaths occur due to constipation and digestive problems as a result of unsatisfactory eating. For this reason, you should determine the amount of feed you will give while feeding your fish in a controlled manner.

Guppies Fish

One of the most well-known aquarium fish species is Guppy fish. They can be fed in aquariums of 20 liters or more.

Guppies, which are beautiful in color, are the true heirs of the throne in terms of color diversity among fish. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that you can see all the colors of your imagination in the tails of male guppies. Females have a simpler color compared to males and often have a transparent tail structure. Although some varieties have a tail color in females, males are distinguished by their striking color, tulle tails and dorsal fins.

Guppies are one of the harmonious species with a calm behavior. Guppy fish are included in the fish family that breed live. When fed as a single species, male and female fish that have reached reproductive maturity are together, you may be surprised to have juveniles soon after. Because these fish will constantly act with their reproductive instincts. If there are sufficient hiding places for the juveniles born in the aquarium, the aquarium population will increase with the participation of young guppies in the near future. In mixed aquariums, they can be kept together with compatible species (neon tetra, moli, rasbora etc.) that will not harm them. Don’t worry about their diet. They fondly consume dry food in flakes and granules that do not sink immediately on the surface. In addition, they never say no to live food (such as artemia, daphnia) that you will offer occasionally.

If we are not thinking about production, we can set up an aquarium consisting only of male guppies. If there are female guppies in the environment, you will have a lot of guppies every month. Due to this type of mouth structure, it likes to eat from the water surface, especially because the lower jaw is upward. Slow sinking flakes remaining on the surface are ideal for feeding. The better the quality of the food we use, the brighter and more attractive the colors of our fish.

Plati Fish

One of the easy-to-keep, durable and compatible fish species in the aquarium hobby is the plati fish. Plati fish are among the species belonging to the family of livebearing like guppies. They carry bright shades of red, yellow and orange throughout their bodies, although the variety in color combinations is not as high as guppies. Their bright colors and dynamic structures add vitality to the aquarium where they are fed. The gender distinction between male and female fish is simple enough. While the anal fin of the female platelets (the fin near the anus behind the abdomen) has a triangular oval structure, this fin in males has a pointed appearance.

Plati fish can be fed in aquariums of 20-30 liters and above, but it is necessary to make sure that each fish has sufficient swimming space by limiting the number of fish in proportion to the size of the aquarium.

They can share the same aquarium seamlessly with the docile platys, guppies, moles and small tetra species. A harmonious tank environment can be provided, especially since the feeding habits are similar to the tank mates in the livebearing group. In their diet, such as guppies, dry food in scales and granules can be given close to the surface. Reproduction occurs as easily as guppies. Live-born fry can join the young individuals by hiding among the decorations and plants in the aquarium.

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