General Information About Chicks

Chicks are considered among the most adorable baby animals in the animal kingdom. Chicks are among the most delightful poultry to raise, with their yellow color, soft fur and tiny size. However, when the correct tactics and methods are applied, the precautions to be taken are taken on time and the regulations of the Ministry of Health are followed, raising chicks is a very pleasant and easy activity. If you are planning to raise chicks and want to feed chickens in the future and have a small coop, this guide is for you.

What Should Be Considered When Raising Chicks?

Chick care is an easy and straightforward process. You don’t need to go to great lengths or buy a lot of material to keep your chicks healthy. As long as they have clean water and chick food, your chicks don’t want any other feeding stuff. However, one of the most basic grooming supplies needed by chicks is a chick raising machine. This machine helps to keep the chicks ‘environment at 33 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for them, and emits a red light that is beneficial for the chicks‘ development. When the chicks are starting to grow, it is important to lower the temperature by 1 degree each week until they are 6 weeks old.

How to Incubate a Chick?

Instead of purchasing chicks, you can raise chicks using the incubation method yourself. For this, you will need primarily a rooster and an adult chicken to obtain fertile eggs. It is very important that both poultry you procure are fertile, and the female chicken specifically wants to incubate. Since some of the chickens raised or raised in artificial environments are somehow neutered, there is no guarantee that every chicken you supply will incubate; therefore, you may need to research thoroughly before including the chicken in your poultry house. It takes about 21 days for the chick to hatch from an incubated egg.

What Should I Do to Have a Healthy Chick Coop?

According to many sources, having a flock of different ages is not an ideal environment for the health of the animals, so it is beneficial to choose animals of similar ages in choosing chickens and roosters.

Chicks should have access to fresh and clean water around the clock.

For healthy chick development, there should be at least 10 centimeter thick pine shavings on the floor and paper on the sawdust.

You should sprinkle the bait casually on the paper on the floor; so your chicks can roam freely and feed and feed.

In order for the coop to be in a healthy environment, you should regularly change the papers you lay on the floor every day.

It is very important that the artificial light you will use in the first weeks of the chicks is red. Chicks that stay under the white light too much may develop unwanted whitening or yellowing of their skin; this negatively affects their health.

Did You Know These About Chicks and Chickens?

  • Chickens were first domesticated for fighting, not for food.
  • Chicksroosters cannot fly.
  • Chicks are carnivorous; Small mice or lizards can also eat with dry food.
  • There are dozens of different types of chicken known in the world.
  • According to scientists, roosters’ drooping neck is an accessory they use to attract attention when courting chickens.

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