About Us

We are not alone in this world. We need to help all living creatures other than us. Since they have a soul, we must be with them at every moment. They try to tell us about their happiness, sadness and troubles.

We are also trying to help you take better care of your animals by conveying the experiences and knowledge of animal keepers, which was established to take care of our animal friends in the best way possible.

Our Website Plugins in Development

You will be in contact with our other users by creating titles in relevant categories as you wish, about the problems you have with your animals or the issues you want to get information. This way you will find a faster solution.

We create pages where you can find a match for the animals you want to breed. In this way, you can meet animal lovers who want to breed their closest animal.

We are working on a donation page to collect aid for stray animals. We prepare pages where total income and expenses will be published transparently.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Do not hesitate to contact the contact page for your advertisements, complaints, suggestions and copyrights.

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