How to Burial the Dying Bird

Your parrot, budgerigar, canary, or any of the other birds you have fed for a long time may have died. Or, when you come home, you may encounter a dead sparrow in front of the door.

In this case, you may want to learn how to bury the bird instead of leaving it there. Burying a bird is of course easier than burying a human, and thus is an act that somewhat relieves your conscience. You can even hold a funeral or do a different kind of memorial service.

Preparation of the Tomb

  1. Choose your burial place. You can bury a dead bird in a garden in front of your house as it will not take up much space. Since there is no law on this, it will be enough to choose a place that will not be underfoot.
  • If there is a part where vegetables are planted, do not bury an animal or bird in that part.
  • If there are cats and dogs around, then you should choose a place where those animals cannot reach so that they cannot dig the soil.
  1. You can also bury the bird in a container suitable for its size, or bury it directly from the container in contact with the soil. Make sure the container you choose is not made of toxic, toxic substances containing harmful chemicals.
  • Do not bury a plastic container in the ground. Especially if you have carried the animal to the place where you will bury it with a bag and you do not want to touch it, make a hole in the end of the bag and gently swing the bird into the hole you dug. Then throw the bag away, because it takes a lot of time for nylon bags to disappear in nature.
  1. Dig the soil to protect the tomb. Although it varies according to the size of the bird, it will be sufficient to go deep, around 50-60 cm. The deeper the hole, the harder it will be for another predator to dig and damage the bird’s body. After putting the bird in the hole you dug, cover the animal with the soil you dug.
  • You can surround the grave with a stone and leave a mark that indicates something is there.

1. You can prepare a small tombstone. You can find a flat stone that you can write on and write your bird’s name on that stone with a suitable pen and add a note you want to write about it on the tombstone.

  • If you wish, you can prepare or buy a wooden material, paint it in the color you want, write on whatever you want and fix the animal’s bedside.
  • You can go to tombstone-making places and have a small tombstone made by someone who is professional in this business.
  1. You can plant something like a flower or tree on the grave. In this way, both the location of the grave is determined and your bird comes to life as a fertilizer as if it was born from its ashes.
  • Make sure that the plant you are going to plant is suitable for growing there so that your effort is not lost.
  • If you want the plant to stay there for many years, you can choose one of the so-called perennial plants.

Preventing the Spread of the Possible Disease

  1. Do not touch the bird’s body with bare hands. Whether it is your own bird you feed in your home or the bird you find in nature, you should not touch it with bare hands to take various measures. You cannot know that you died from any of the diseases that could be transmitted by the touch of the bird. For this reason, you have to be very careful.
  • If it is absolutely necessary, take it in disposable gloves and then throw the gloves away.
  1.  Clean everywhere. After the bird burying and ritual procedures are completed, firstly wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of the disease that you may catch from the bird.
  • Be sure to thoroughly disinfect whatever part the bird comes into contact with.
  • If the bird has come into contact with your clothes, remove it and wash it in lukewarm water.
  1.  If you see too many dead birds, notify the relevant units. Under normal circumstances, it is unlikely that birds will die at the same time. Since this may be a harbinger of a disease, it will be the best decision in terms of health to inform various authorized institutions when you encounter such a thing.

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