How to Feed a Puppy?

How is the age of dogs calculated?

One of the simplest methods you know about Calculating Dog Age was to convert your dog’s current age to Human Age at the rate of 7 (seven). This information is actually somewhat accurate, but scientists at the University of California have found a new formula when comparing dog age to human ages according to age calculations on dogs.

Your Little Friend May Not Be So Small!

The common point that dog owners quickly notice; It will be until yesterday that your puppy has turned into a tiny monster running around in the room, which is still in the room. Puppies grow very fast in the first year, even if the number 0 (zero) and small breed owners do not notice much. You can actually think of it as their time travel. According to our perception of time, people are getting 1 (one) years old each year. If we look at this, people have age ranges such as 0-4 years, 4-7 years, 7-17 years, 17-25 years, 25-34 years… Dogs complete this period in time periods such as 0-4 months, 4-7 months, 7 months-1 years.

here we take into account the concepts such as teething, adolescence, youth and maturity while taking the time frames as basis.

You may actually have completed your adolescence while looking at your little friend with a puppy.


How are dogs age calculated?
How Old Are My Dogs?

The formula usually used in Calculating Dog Human Age: The Dog’s Age was used as x 7 (seven). However, according to the research done by the University of California in the USA on Labrador dogs, that calculation is not so easy!

In the scientific research, it was concluded that the methylation in the DNA of Dogs and Humans with the Epigenetic Clock method and the calculation of the dog and human age are somewhat complicated.

In the old method, to convert your dog’s age to human age, you had to multiply by 7;

  • 1 year old your dog is 7 years old
  • Your dog is 2 years old and 14 years old
  • Your 3-year-old dog was equal to the age of a 21-year-old person.

But as a result of the research, the new formula is somewhat complicated. To do this calculation, you will need good math knowledge, a calculator that can calculate logarithmic functions, or google.

New Formula to Calculate Age in Dogs

To use the formula, if you write ln (Your Dog’s Age) * 16 + 31 in the google search section, you can find the equivalent of human age if you write your dog’s age in years. Using the New Formula to Calculate Age in Dogs, we made a short calculation for you:

  • 1 Year Old Dog 1
  • Your 42 Year Old Dog Your 2 Year Old Dog
  • Your 3 Year Old Dog is 48.5 Years Old
  • 56.5 Year Old Man to Your 5 Year Old Dog
  • Your 10 Year Old Dog will be equal to 68 Year Old Man.

In other words, when you love her as my baby, darling, honey, it will already be aunt or uncle.

In short, research shows that dogs grow and grow very quickly in their early years. When you say it’s too small, it will quickly finish puberty and enter maturity. In this process, do not disrupt control and protection treatments. We wish all Dog Sever owners a nice life with their little friends!

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