How to Feed Hedgehogs? Hedgehog Information

Hedgehogs eat insects such as termites, grasshoppers, moths, millipedes, and worms. In the home environment, they are fed with cat and dog food, lean chicken, fruit, vegetables and cooked eggs. Water should always be available as a drink and cow’s milk should not be given. Here’s what to know about hedgehog care.

These animals, which defend themselves from their enemies with their thorns, belong to the reptile family. They move on all fours and protect themselves by getting caught in the enemy attack. Its back is covered with prickly hairs. Therefore, his enemies cannot hurt him or approach him.

What Does Hedgehog Eat?

There are fourteen genera and four species of hedgehogs worldwide. They live for an average of 4-9 years. These reptiles, which can conceive up to 40 days, have the capacity of 4-9 babies. They spend the winter months in tree groves and logs. Hedgehogs are fed by eating insects such as termites, grasshoppers, centipedes and worms, and are fed home cat food, dog food, lean chicken, vegetables, fruit and cooked eggs.

Newborn hedgehogs are breastfed. Breast milk is important for the offspring. The duration of weaning varies between five and seven weeks in juvenile hedgehogs. These reptiles like 20 to 27 degrees. Therefore, they appear in the spring months and travel outside during the summer. In the last spring, when the cold starts, they go into hibernation again.

The most important issue for those who have hedgehogs at home is proper nutrition. These animals with high body resistance are resistant to harmful microorganisms. They generally live in wooded forests and feed on tree barks.

How to Feed Hedgehogs?

If you want to take care of these animals at home, you should create a suitable environment for him. When creating a living space at home for hedgehogs, you should get flat walls and a terrarium (solid base). Creating high cage environments and providing the opportunity to exercise in these environments would be good for hedgehogs. The bark of rabbit, guinepig, corncob and pine tree can be used as ground. Paper or cedar is not used as a floor.

Home care of hedgehogs is also an important issue. In order to take care of hedgehogs in a healthy way, first of all, the ambient temperature is important. Therefore, ambient temperature is important. Hibernating hedgehogs have approximately 5,000 to 7,000 spiky hairs. The most important feature of this animal is that it is affected by snake venom and has a perfect defense mechanism against snakes. Also, thanks to their spines, snakes cannot approach hedgehogs.

What Is Given To A Hedgehog?

In addition to cooked eggs, hedgehogs can be given vegetables and fruits at home. Cat and dog food can be given because they are carnivorous. In addition, these animals love chicken meat. However, chicken meat should be lean. Oatmeal, canned food,
Hedgehog varieties are as follows:

1- Indian arrow hedgehogs
2- Long-eared hind hedgehogs
3- Malayan Hedgehog
4- Ateler
5- Pygmy Hedgehog (Africa)
6- Western European Hedgehog

These animals are animals that live in the natural environment and the best for them is the natural environment. Those who want to feed at home should create the necessary environment for home care.

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