How To Make A Parakeet?

Budgerigars are great animals to keep as pets. If you ask why, lovebirds are smart and intelligent animals and can make great roommates for you. However, the most prominent feature of a budgie is that it can speak thanks to proper training and care. Although teaching your budgie to speak will take some time, giving him this ability can lead to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with him.

Interacting with Your Budgie

Place your bird’s cage in a location where human activities are plentiful. Budgies learn to speak by imitating the intonations of the words they hear. If you designate an area that is the meeting point of people, such as your living room or living room, as a suitable space to place your budgie’s cage, he will become familiar with the surrounding sounds and gradually begin to imitate them.

Connect with it. The stronger you bond with your budgie, the more effort he will have to talk. Common time spent quietly in the same room – like watching TV or reading a book – is one of the most effective and easy ways to connect. Getting your budgie accustomed to your hand, spending regular time with him every day and making him feel your presence are steps you should not miss.

If you have two birds separate them. When budgerigars are kept in the same cage, they prefer to interact with each other rather than interact with you. If you want to teach them to speak, you need to spend time with them separately, make equal effort for each and keep them preferably in separate cages.

Teaching The Parakeet To Speak

When teaching a budgie to talk, it is not only what you say that matters, but how you say it. The most important point here is that you are talking to your budgie with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The more excited you are when talking to him, the more willing and motivated he will be to respond to you. If possible, keep your face as close to your budgerigar as possible when talking to them. In this case, the bird will be looking directly at your mouth while you are talking and it will switch to “learning mode”.

Saying words to your budgerigar one by one is another effective training method. When you repeat different items in your home in a clear and understandable way while talking to him, he will begin to become familiar with the intonation of these sounds. Saying “Hello” and “Goodbye” every time you enter and exit the room where the budgerigar is will also help them learn these welcome words faster.

Once you have enough emphasis on singular words, you can move on to short phrases. Appreciating it when it comes to your finger and using motivating phrases such as “Cici bird” will allow him to associate certain actions with specific words. Talking to him while changing his food or water is one of the other tactics that serve the same purpose.

Another effective way to reinforce your budgie’s speech is to respond when he or she tries to speak. It is very normal that when your bird tries to say a few words in the first place, you may not be able to understand it, because the words can muzzle. Even if what he’s saying is incomprehensible, give him a voice confirmation and repeat whatever he said to you. It is also a good method to follow his behavior; If he signals that he should go to the toilet while in hand, “Need to go to the toilet?” You can say and direct him to the toilet. Putting the mobility that body language tries to express into words will make your budgie speak up much easier.

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