Information About Meerkats

The word meerkat comes from the word “meerkat”. This word means “lake cat” in Dutch. Although the meerkats are from the feliform, they are not from the feline family. In Sanskrit, “brand” means “monkey” and it is thought that the word may have been based on it, as the animals look like apes.

These cute mammals known as Suricata suricatta are included in a family known as mongoose. They are found almost everywhere in the Kalahari Desert, in the borders of Botswana. Although their families normally consist of 20 individuals, it is seen that some groups reach up to 50 individuals. While their lifespan is 6-7 years in the wild, they can live 12-14 years under protection.

Meerkats feed on reptiles or poisonous insects, which cover their ears to prevent dust. Solo scientists have discovered that meerkats do not learn to eat dangerous animals (such as scorpions) by themselves, but are trained by adults. The social animals, the meerkats, have their nests underground and have built tunnels with multiple entrances under the ground themselves.

Meerkes, who are used to the hot weather of the desert, therefore keep the temperature constant by making their sleeping rooms at least two meters below the ground. Meerkats, who sleep by hugging each other at night, and when they wake up (the relevant meerkat checks around) first take a sunbath and then go out to look for food, communicate with each other in three different ways: by emitting scent, voice and body language.

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