Interesting Facts About Animals

1) Chameleon’s tongue can grow as long as its own body.

2) Sharks can detect a drop of blood in 94 liters of water and can feel a drop of blood from 5 km away.

3) Blue whales‘ tongues weigh the same as an adult elephant.


4) Fleas can jump as high as 100 times themselves.

5) Beavers teeth never stop growing. They file them into the branches and trunks of trees to keep the lengths of their teeth balanced.

6) Oysters change their gender many times during their lifetime.

7) The Alouatta monkey is the loudest of all terrestrial animals. His scream can be heard from 5 km away.

8) Cheetahs reach 0 to 96 km in 3 seconds.

9) Hippos secrete a red oily substance from their skin as a sunscreen and moisturizer.

10) Grizzly bears can run at a speed of 48 km.


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