Interesting Facts About Crows

‘oops, look at that crow nor is it messing with sweet garbage’ We know very little about these special birds, as trends are still out of sight as of 2017.

Crows and Their Amazing Intelligence

An experiment was conducted at Oxford University on the ability of crows to use tools. The experiment follows;

Food was placed in a long thin tube and it was observed how the crow would receive.

The result?

The crow reached out on the thin wire on the table, made its tip into a hook and dipped it into the tube. With this fishing rod he made for himself in seconds, he easily reached his food. This experiment was tested on many animals before crows. But none of them could reach the food in the tube as a result of this experiment.

They can count up to 5

According to a group of scientists who conducted research on crows, nature’s most intelligent animals are not monkeys but crows, contrary to popular belief. They can count up to 5, using their materials in the most creative ways to meet their needs in order to survive.

 A Misunderstood Myth! Crows Don’t Live Longer Than Us

There is a very common and misunderstood belief about the life span of crows. Crows are thought to have lived for 100 or even 200 years. This is completely false information. The average lifespan of crows is 15-20 years. Come on, if they are under special care, they can live for a maximum of 30-40 years at that time. Of course, their lifespan differs from one species to another. There are also crow species that have an average life span of only 6-7 years.

They Are Highly Satisfied With People

Look, this is very interesting information!

Although humans restrict their habitats like other animals, crows have turned this into their advantage. For example, they leave nuts like walnuts, which they have difficulty breaking, on roads with heavy traffic. And when cars break their shells, they grab their food and enjoy it!

 They Can Eat Anything

They never choose to eat. They eat garbage, insects, and fruits. But again, there is a very wrong information that is widely spoken among the public, “crows carrion”. The only species to eat carrion are ravens, namely carrion crows. Other species do not eat carrion, but they eat everything except carrion.


Actually, their social relationships are very similar to people in general; they live in communities. Monogamous people remain faithful to their partners throughout their lives. In addition, when they have a baby, the mother and father crow take care of the baby jointly.

The Crow Leaving the Pack

In addition, when they see a baby crow separate from the herd, they include it in their flock and take care of it. They warn and protect each other against dangers.

They mourn

Just like humans, crows mourn their dead. The dead crow makes a circle around their friends and they sing loudly. “Death awareness” is actually a feature found in very few animal species. Whether or not they left their dead relatives immediately is also estimated to be the result of their attempt to understand the motive that killed him. In this way, the rest of the herd can take precautions against the danger that killed their relatives.


 Feed the Crow, Bring Gifts

Gabi Mann, 8 years old, is a world-class sweet little lady living in Seattle. Gabi has been watching crows in their backyards since she was 4 years old. And these crows bring whatever they find to Gabi 🙂 The things they bring are gifts and everything a little girl can enjoy! sparkly beads, earrings, buttons, heart shaped objects, small legos even! Wandering among the people; The proverb “Feed the crow, play your eye” goes to the waste like other prejudices about crows!

 They Are Closely Related To Humor!

You can find millions of photos, videos, all kinds of images like the one below! Other animals have a habit of playing with their tails and annoying them 🙂

 They Never Forget

A famous experiment on crows shows impressive results about their memory. The author of the study is Kaeli Swift, a PhD student at that time.

A group of volunteer people were given masks to wear on their faces, and the masked people stopped holding dead birds in their hands. The crows perceived the masked people as a danger and began to sing loudly when the masked people arrived to inform their flocks or their neighbors. The strange thing is that When the masked people stood without dead birds in their hands, they likewise continued to sing and warn other crows.

There is a common belief among people that crows must take their revenge and are vengeful. This experiment somewhat proves that. However, in this experiment, we see that they hide some information with the motivation to survive and protect their lives rather than revenge.

Mythology and Crows

In today’s world, crows represent death, bad news, negative things. But actually crows in Greek mythology represent immortality. At the same time, crows are very revered in Greek mythology. For example, the crow is a friend and companion accompanying the gods. The most important example of this is Apollo, protector of Tenedos, and his crow transformed into black. Crows have a special place in Scandinavian culture, they are almost considered sacred. The source of the revered animals in the Scandinavian myths; God is that Odin has two crows.

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