Scottish Fold Features And Care

Scottish Fold is among the most adopted cat breeds with its external appearance and fascinating beauty. Initially, a shepherd named William Ross found this cat in the barn in the 1960s and increased gene diversity by breeding Iranian, Exotic Shorthair, American Shorthair and Birman cats. The first cat that emerged as a result of this diversity was named Susie. This race, which is identified with England, got its name from there. For our users who are considering adopting this type, you can learn all the necessary information about Scottish Fold Features and Maintenance from this article.

Scottish Fold General Features

Character: Intelligent, calm and friendly
Feather Structure: Very often and also short
Ear Structure: inward curved
Body: Middle
Tail: Thin and short
Weight: 4 – 6 kg

Scottish Fold Character

The main characteristics of the Scottish Fold breed are: Their fur is short, but there is also a long-haired type named Scottish Fold longhair. Their feathers can come in a wide variety of colors. Among the common feather colors of this breed are tabby, tabby-white, cream, smoke, and orange. Eye colors vary depending on the hair color, although they usually have copper and gold eyes, different eye colors such as blue or green can be seen. Scottish Fold cats have medium-sized eyes and a round head. The characters of Scottish Fold cats are harmonious, calm, playful and friendly. They spend time playing games, even when they are on their own.

Fur Structure And Physical Properties

If you are looking for a breed that you want to love all the time and that you don’t want to leave your lap, the Scottish Fold is for you. With its cute appearance and smart state, it adapts to its environment in a short time. With his affectionate nature, he easily makes himself loved by family members. Scottish Fold cat breed does not get bored when left alone at home. Those who work in a busy tempo can choose this breed among the cats that can be fed at home. Of course, it would be beneficial for them to buy a lot of toys to keep him busy.

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