The 10 Biggest Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs have been known as our closest friends since the first time they were domesticated by humans. Both in the past and today, different dog breeds bred in different geographies have taken on many different roles, from hunting to guarding, from being a shepherd to being a companion, making our lives easier and more beautiful. Large breeds of dogs have often been people’s favorites because they have become good friends with their imposing builds and gentle temperaments. So what are the biggest dogs in the world? You must have wondered the answer to this question. The answers are in our article about the biggest dog breeds in the world.

The Biggest Dogs in the World

1) Great Dane

Famous as the largest dog in the world, Great Dane dogs emerged in the sixteenth century when their relatively smaller ancestors were crossed with British mastiff dogs. Such interbreeding occurred due to the need for stronger hunting dogs of the people living at that time.

Height: 86 cm

Weight: 72 Kg

2) Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound, one of the largest dog breeds in the world, was once on a wolf hunt. In the nineteenth century, these dogs were fed only by the nobility and reached 1 meter in length. Although it began to become extinct in the 1860s, it soon began to be reproduced again and is now actively fed.

Height: 81 cm

Weight: 54 Kg

3) English Mastiff

Although not the largest dog in the world, the English mastiff’s reputation comes from its built body. Originating from England, the mastif has been used as a guard dog for many years. It is known as the heaviest dog by weight. For the cats Moreover, with her strength and loyalty, she was able to even impress Julius Caesar; was one of his favorite dogs.

Height: 76 cm

Weight: 91 Kg

4) St. Bernard

We know him as the sluggish in the cartoon Heidi or the naughty dog in the movie Beethoven. St. Bernard dogs are also among the largest dog breeds in the world and often served as search and rescue dogs before living with us in our homes.

Height: 71 cm

Weight: 90 Kg

5) Leonberger

Resembling a lion in appearance and being at least as big as a lion, Leonberger breed dogs were bred as lifeguard dogs and still continue to do the same job today.

Height: 80 cm

Weight: 75 Kg

 6) Newfoundland

Although Newfoundland dogs often do not reach very large sizes, there are exceptions. Some of them can weigh up to 90 kilograms and are considered among the largest dog breeds in the world due to their large body structure. It takes its names from the Newfoundland & Labrador region, a coast of Canada.

Height: 74 cm

Weight: 70 Kg


Famous for his protection instinct and loyalty, Kangal is the biggest helper of shepherds to protect and direct large animal herds in Anatolia.

Height: 90 cm
Weight: 75 Kg

8) Pyrenees Shepherd Dog

Who wouldn’t want to have such a nice walking buddy? Pyrenees shepherd dogs have very intense protective instincts, just like Kangal. As such, they are very competent to babysit babies and other small vulnerable animals.

Height: 82 cm

Weight: 54 Kg

9) Scottish Deerhound

Scots deer hounds, as the name suggests, were created to hunt deer in the Scottish mountains. This noble dog, which was forbidden to have people who were lower than the rank of count before the 1800s, is also considered among the largest dogs in the world.

Height: 81 cm

Weight: 50 Kg

10) French Mastiff

One of the oldest dog breeds in France, the French mastiff does not grow as much as other mastiff breeds, but it has an important feature that distinguishes it from all other dogs: its head size is larger than any other dog in proportion to its body size. Active and energetic outside, quiet inside the house, the French mastiff is strong enough to pull a sled, and so docile as you can cuddle and sleep.

Height: 65 cm

Weight: 65 Kg

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