The 9 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The World

In our eyes, all cat breeds are cute, but some breeds can attract attention other than what we are used to…

Cats are a little calmer, especially compared to dogs. Maybe because of this calmness, he can sometimes remain indifferent to the love of his owner. These friends, who have an extremely independent temperament, love to live according to their own mind. They even let you love and caress them if they wish. Cats in general are more or less accepted by animal lovers. But for some, the breed of a cat has a direct effect on the animal’s temperament. Some cats can have a more affectionate and approachable temperament due to their genes.

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats are one of the most rooted cat breeds among the existing cat breeds. These cats; They have a marvelous intelligence, an athletic build and a never-ending inquisitive temperament. However, the Abyssinian cat is not among the most popular cat breeds just because of these features. The most important characteristics of these cats are that they are human-oriented and social. It should also be emphasized that this breed, which is very generous in showing its love for its owners, is obsessively addicted to games.

Birman Cat

If there was a best-selling tabloid magazine belonging to the world of cats, it would definitely be the model for a Birman cover photo. Being one of the loveliest breeds with their deep blue eyes and silky long hair, the characters of the Birman breed cats are as beautiful as their appearance. This breed, which never restricts their love towards people, has a sweet disposition of not getting off the lap. It can allow you to lie on your back for hours and caress your stomach.

Burmese Cat

If you are looking for a soft lap warmer, it is time to meet a cat breed just for you. Burmese cats are highly obsessed with play and attention. They never leave after their owners, and they do not like being alone. In fact, it is known that they play games on their own when they are left alone at home. But do not rely on this feature and still leave him alone, because burly breed cats are most happy with you.

Cornish Rex

We are here with a breed of cat that never loses its cute kittens even though it has grown and developed physically. Cornish Rex breed cats, which are extremely active and playful, are famous for their warmth. So much so that they welcome your guests before you do and love to attract attention. It is a loving breed with vibrant hair that looks like velvet.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats, which resemble a large pillow with their huge body and soft, long-haired appearance, are one of the most domestic cat breeds known. A developed Maine Coon cat can reach a full weight of 8 kilograms. This breed, which is very friendly and understanding, will not bother you to constantly show interest in it. Known for their gentle nature, these cats have a sweet meow as well as their appearance.

Persian Cat

The Persian cat, which is very cute with its long hair and curved face, is a cat breed with many different colors. Although the rose-loving bifurcation account is quite demanding to care for, you can afford everything to caress their silky and shiny fur to the fullest. The biggest weakness of Iranian cats, which cannot make friends easily except their owner, is to be loved by their owner where they can stand for hours without moving.

Ragdoll Cat

Having a cute appearance that can make its owner sing the song “Blue Bead” in the morning and evening, Ragdoll cats are almost a breed that is willing to live the rest of their life in their owner’s lap. The voice of this cat breed that always wants a mother’s arms like a baby is also very affectionate.

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats, which have surprising intelligence and communication skills, are famous as the most talkative breed among cat breeds. So much so that Siamese cats that respond to your love by making sounds are also very interested in playing. Adopting its owner, this breed of cats fascinates with their cute as well as their intelligence.

Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese cats, who constantly follow their owner and wait for the opportunity to get on his shoulder, are also among the cat breeds famous for their talkative. Tonkinese cats respond to whatever you love it, making it a sweet game. The Tonkinese breed, which has a very social structure, manages to make itself loved with its bright feathers as well as acting.

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