What is a lynx? Brief features

The lynx is a feline very predatory animal, about 1 m long, pointed ears, sharp teeth and nails, and fur with ash and black spots.

Lynx, a member of the cat family, is one of the big cats of North America. They are easily distinguished from other cats by their short and thick tails and long, black, upright fuzzy hair on their ears. The North American lynx is the largest type of lynx and has an extremely thick and fluffy fur that keeps warm in freezing temperatures. European and Asian lynxes, which are more like domestic cats, are slightly smaller.

Lynxes with a length of 0.8 – 1.3 meters and a weight of 10 – 25 kg live for 12 to 20 years. Males are always larger than females. They can be yellow, brown, black or tan colored.

Lynxes tend to live in forests, areas covered in dense shrubs and grasslands. They hunt birds and fish with small mammals and can be hunted by very few animals. They can catch their prey on trees by climbing the tree. Their main prey is rabbits, birds and deer. If they can find it, they can hunt large animals such as deer. They are also hunted by wolves, cougars, jackals and humans.

Lynxes have large claws that give them good balance and greater power when chasing their prey. While running, running or chasing prey with their long legs, they can reach speeds of 80 km / h and swim well. Their jaws are very strong and their teeth are very sharp. They also have a highly developed sense of hearing that allows them to hear approaching prey and predators from long distances.

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