What is an Aquarium Heater? Things To Pay Attention

For many goldfish, heating is a necessity rather than an option. Most fish living in both saltwater and freshwater need a heated aquarium. Unlike humans, fish cannot balance and regulate their own body temperature, so it is very important to have a heater in their aquarium.

Fish rely on the water they live in in order to maintain a balanced body temperature. For this reason, it is very important that your aquarium is constantly maintained at a constant temperature. The vast majority of fish need hot water to survive, so unless you live in a country with high temperatures year-round, you will likely need an aquarium heater for the fish you keep. How do you know that you really need an aquarium heater? Let’s have a look right now.

Do My Fish Need an Aquarium Heater?

As a matter of fact, almost every fish needs a heater in their aquarium to create a replica of their natural environment. The aquarium kettle raises the water in the aquarium and often keeps the water between 24-26 degrees. The aquarium heaters, which can adjust these degrees by themselves according to the situation, also ensure that the water remains at a constant level with the help of the integrated thermostat. Temperature changes in the water can cause stress on the fish and even cause their death in the long term, so it is very important to have an aquarium heater in every aquarium.

Of course, if you live in hot climates where you are sure the water temperature will be constantly between 24-26 degrees, you do not need an aquarium heater.

What are the Types of Aquarium Heater?

It is possible to encounter many different aquarium heaters on the market. The kettle you choose will depend on the size of the aquarium and the fish species you feed. There are basically 4 different aquarium heaters that can be submerged in water, placed in water, in-line and with filter.

Submersible Heaters: This type of aquarium heaters are also known as hanging heaters. It is suspended from the top of the aquarium and the heating component, often made up of a glass tube, is placed above the water to heat the aquarium. These are probably the most common types of heaters you will come across. In fact, in most fish aquariums this item is sold with the aquarium and does not require you to purchase a separate heater.

Heaters Placed in Water: Heaters that can be placed or placed under water can be placed completely under the water. This type of heater should be placed near the inlet of the filter so that it can heat the water immediately as soon as the water comes back into the aquarium. These heaters also often have LED lights. These LED lights are there to indicate when the heater is running.

In-line Heaters: This type of heater can be placed between the pump and filter and from there it can heat the water that comes back to the aquarium.

Filter Heaters: Some aquarium filters have their own integrated heaters. As the water passes through the filter, it is heated and transferred to the aquarium in that way.

What Should Be Considered When Buying an Aquarium Heater?

There are 3 basic criteria to consider when choosing a heater for your aquarium: size, cost and personal preference.

Dimensions: The most basic rule in aquarium heater selection is that you will need about 0.25 Watt energy power per 1 liter. By calculating the amount of water your aquarium will take according to its size, you can understand how many Watt of a heater you will need.

Cost: Aquarium heaters don’t have to be very costly; functional and useful is enough for you. That’s why you don’t have to buy the most expensive water heater for your aquarium where you currently spend a lot of money. As long as it is a quality and well-known brand and meets the heating needs of your aquarium on the basis of power, your heater will serve you for many years.

Your Personal Preferences: Which type of heater is more aesthetic to your eyes? Which will create the most organic appearance in terms of the form and shape of your aquarium? This and your personal preferences like this are among other factors influencing the choice of aquarium heater.

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